Revised Meeting Times

Revised Meeting Times

A NOTE FROM THE ELDERS (Updated 5/15/20):

Beginning May 17, we will once again have in-person assemblies at our building. There will be no in-person bible classes -- only a general assembly at 11:00am. Please see below for further details and guidelines for those who choose to assemble with us. 


Plan and Procedures for Assembly (effective as of Sunday, May 17, 2020) 

The Downtown church of Christ has complied with the regulations set and recommendations made by governing officials regarding the current pandemic. As a result, we have not been assembling for worship at our building but providing Bible classes by digital means in efforts to honor God and maintain our spiritual focus. Texas is in the process of “opening,” and we will participate in this effort gradually and carefully. We ask for continued understanding, patience, and compliance as we feel our way into the post-pandemic future. 

On Sunday, May 17, 2020, some of our church family will assemble at our building for worship, while the events are live streamed to others. Here is our plan for all Sunday assemblies until further notice:

  • 11:00-11:45 AM – worship in auditorium and via live stream.
  • We will also offer a Bible study online onlyIf you would like a link to join the bible study or the livestream, contact

We are taking the following actions in efforts to address our current circumstances and have a meeting place that is maintained by recognized health protocols providing protection and a healthy environment. 

  • Hand sanitizer is available near the entrances. All parts of the building people touch will be sanitized after every service 
  • Individual pre-packaged Lord’s Supper bread and cup will be handed to you upon entering the building. Used cups may be placed in trash cans upon exiting. 
  • Baskets for the contribution will not be passed but placed in the back of the auditorium to drop in your contribution. Digital and postal contributing are still available and may be used by those attending in-person or those viewing via live-stream. 
  • We will dismiss in a way conducive to social distancing 

We ask all members to respect the following: 

  • Because of increased risks, members who are 65 and older will likely want to join via the livestream and wait a week or a few weeks before attending in person. Members with compromised immune systems or other conditions with increased risk, plus anyone who has a cough or fever or who does not feel well should remain at home and participate in the day’s activities through our live-stream feed or digital meetup. We want to be clear that staying home under the present circumstances is using wisdom and discretion and not considered as “forsaking the assembly.” If you are in any way concerned or uncomfortable about gathering with others, please stay at home and join us virtually. 
  • Other members who are willing to come are asked to respect the established guidelines as follows: 
    • Please enter and exit the building in a way that avoids contact with other people.
    • Outside in the open-air is the safest place for distanced conversations, so we ask you not to congregate in the building for conversations. 
    • Maintain a 6' distance between family units in the pews; you are asked not to shake hands or otherwise contact others 
    • Use hand sanitizer that will be available near the entrances 
    • It is not mandatory but recommended to wear a mask especially upon entering and exiting 
    • Every other row will be labeled as “no seating this row”.  For the rows where seating is available, we ask that you maintain two empty seats between you and anyone not living in the same household with you.

We all want to return to “normal” life and interactions with each other as a church family, but we simply cannot do this under the present circumstances. We are making efforts to do what we can and all we can to return to a sense of normalcy and loving fellowship of God’s people. As we work through this process, your patience, understanding, and cooperation are appreciated. 

From the elders of the Downtown church