Joy of the Journey - Finding Happiness in Your Walk with God

Joy of the Journey - Finding Happiness in Your Walk with God

Too often, Christians are so busy trying to follow God that they forget how awesome it is living for Him. In this gospel meeting with Jordan Shouse, we consider the different challenges we face in life and how we can find joy when we put our trust in Jesus.



One of the most popular Bible verses is Joshua 1:9, "Be strong and courageous; do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." When Christians are fearful of present circumstances, they look to God for comfort and strength. Take a moment with us to consider how God's turn fear into faith.



Most kings that we read about in the old testament were bad, but a few were good - Jehosaphat was one of the good kings. He followed the ways of the Lord - tearing down idols and turning back to God's ways. If you've ever wondered how to stand up for God in challenging times, consider Jehosaphat's example with us in 2 Chronicles 20 : 1-12.



Can there be a good and gracious God in the midst of so much pain and loss? It's a complicated question, but the bible says the answer is yes. Join us as Jordan addresses how we can look to God even in a world of tragedy and suffering.



One of the callings - and challenges - of being a Christian is to seek relationships. Jesus set the standard for us, spending time with the poor, sick, rich and powerful. In this study of Luke 13, we get a glimpse into Jesus's daily life and His interactions with others.



Christians walk a challenging, yet rewarding road. Many times, we look back on life's experiences and realize we never found happiness in the process. Take a listen as Jordan concludes this series and considers the reasons why Christians should enjoy the journey.