Gospel Meetings

Gospel Meetings

Gospel meetings are an opportunity for the Downtown church to spend extra time in the Word together.  We invite a guest speaker to teach us a series of lessons so that we can focus on a specific theme from the bible. It's a great time to break free from the cares of the world so that we can just focus on God and being with one another. All from the community are welcome as we strive to learn more about God together! 

Here are the most recent gospel meetings held at the Downtown church in Granbury:

Things We Should Do Every Day | Fall 2023

Finishing Strong | Don Truex | Spring 2022

Take Heart! | Phil Robertson | Fall 2021

Joy of the Journey | Jordan Shouse | Fall 2020

Raising Godly Families | Reagan McClenny | Fall 2019

Priorities for Living | Tim Jennings | Spring 2019 

Jesus Encountering People for Radical Change | Chuck Durham | Fall 2018

Staying Positive in a Negative World | Warren King | Spring 2018

Living on Purpose, For a Purpose | Don Truex | Fall 2017

Jesus: The Heart of Christianity | Reagan McClenny | Spring 2017

Marriage, Home and Family | Rickie Jenkins | Fall 2016

Worship: A Life Changing Experience | John Kilgore | Spring 2016