About Us

About Us

"The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith." 1 Timothy 1.5

About Us

The Downtown church has a basic mission: be like Christ. To accomplish that, we build meaningful relationships and follow God's instruction through His word.  So, no matter if we are worshipping God together, doing acts of service or just spending quality time with each other, we want to do things God's way. To that end, we asked and answered three simple questions:

What can we do to help the church grow spiritually?

  • Encourage communication in everything we do
  • Meet physical and spiritual needs
  • Maintain personal contact with each other

What can we do to have closer relationships in Christ?

  • Promote hospitality and togetherness
  • Have honest interactions that build trust
  • Develop accountability so we all improve 

How can we encourage one another to read and study our bible every day?

  • Create sustainable reading goals
  • Make time to consistently read and apply God's Word 
  • Share encouragement from our reading


Each day presents a new opportunity to be more like Christ and having clear goals is required to keep in step with Him. Our goal is to apply these things every day so we can encourage each other and honor God. To be part of the church is more than just being under the same roof on Sundays. We are committed to the Lord and to each other at all times. Come see us - we would love to help you in your walk with Christ!

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