"Wisdom Cries Out"

"Wisdom Cries Out"

Stop The Momentum

"The start of an argument is like the first break in a dam; stop it before it goes any further." (Proverbs 17.14, GNT)

Water behind a dam is peaceful, but powerful. The integrity of the dam keeps the potential of water under control. But the moment there is a crack, water immediately gushes out. It flows with power, creates momentum, and once released, cannot be undone. 

This is how strife develops. Emotions are a powerful force that can exploit cracks in one’s character. In tense moments we often let raw emotions spew from our mouth. Once we’ve allowed the words flow freely, it is difficult to stop the momentum.  This can quickly intensify a situation. If we concede that it is ok to hold that grudge, say something hurtful to someone, or behave coldly, that will only lead to worse things. Have you noticed how little hurts often escalate into long-term tension between people? 

Conflict needs to be addressed before it gains momentum. Strife happens when we allow our selfish wants to dominate our desire for peace and harmony (see James 4.1-4). This is not only unwise, but ungodly. Our Heavenly Father shows mercy, offers grace and suffers long with his enemies (Numbers 14.18; Luke 6.35-36; Romans 5.8; James 4.6) ... shouldn’t we do the same?

And so, “as much as depends on you, live at peace with all men” (Romans 12.18). Someone has said, “When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where the real power is.” You can’t stop every emotion you feel, but you can control the integrity of your character and the wall of your lips. So be mature enough to let go of your pride and drop the issue before things get out of hand. 

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (Matthew 5.9)